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Effective Referenda
A recent doctoral dissertation at Texas A&M-Commerce identified effective strategies used by superintendents in North Texas to hold a successful tax ratification election.

The researcher, Robert E. O’Connor Jr., identified 21 strategies used by superintendents to hold a successful tax ratification, with the participants targeting eight in particular. The five primary themes were trust, gaining leadership support, developing an effective plan, gaining broad-based support and addressing economic factors.

O’Connor said the superintendents who participated in the study tailored specific strategies to their communities. However, all superintendents implemented strategies that fall within the five primary themes for running an effective campaign.

Copies of “North Texas School Superintendents’ Perspectives on Strategies to Hold a Successful Tax Ratification Election” can be ordered from ProQuest at 800-521-0600 or



Home Involvement
The Center for Mental Health in Schools at UCLA has released a new report, “Enhancing Home Involvement to Address Barriers to Learning: A Collaborative Process.”

The report says schools must consider caretakers beyond parents (especially parents who are reluctant to engage), while expanding the range of ways in which schools reach out to these caretakers.

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