AASA Legal Support Program

 Up to  $20,000 in Legal Support is Available to AASA Members 

As a result of this valuable AASA member benefit, more than 200 members have received $700,000 in legal support in the past ten years! Hear first-hand how important legal support was for one of AASA's long-time member-superintendents.

The AASA Legal Support Program, available only to AASA members in the Active Membership and Small School District categories, provides for the reimbursement of fees incurred in due process and/or job-protection-related matters. After a deductible of $500, the plan provides an initial $2,000 benefit that increases by $2,000 for each year of continuous AASA membership, up to a maximum of $20,000.

The legal support program does not provide insurance to Active Members in all cases. Job protection coverage provided to eligible AASA members is for defense against due process and job action proceedings. In order to qualify, your employer must have instituted a threatened job action that could lead to your termination, demotion, involuntary transfer, suspension or other disciplinary action. You should report the initiation of a due process action or a job action as soon as you become aware of it to the AASA insurance plan administrator:

Susan Halstead, Claims Processor
c/o Forrest T. Jones & Company, Inc.
Attn: Professional Liability Claims Department
P.O. Box 418131
Kansas City, MO 64141
Phone: 800-821-7303800-821-7303 FREE
Fax: 816-968-0655

NOTE: The above statement provides only a brief description of the Job Protection Coverage and is not binding on the company. The converage terms and full details are contained in the certificate of insurance. Please read the certificate carefully and refer any questions to the plan administrator.


Staff Contact:
Lori Vines, Assistant Director, Membership


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