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Additional Advocacy Resources  



AASA encourages all members to take an active role in legislative advocacy. The association’s website offers plenty of supportive resources, hosting the annual legislative agenda as well as toolkits and talking points tailored to support advocacy. Other features include:

The Leading Edge, an AASA blog (, the go-to spot for the latest AASA advocacy information, whether relating to the status of a congressional bill, notice of an upcoming webinar or sharing of the latest research.

Twitter, Follow AASA advocacy at @Noellerson.

AASA Legislative Corps, a concise, weekly summary of everything happening in Congress as well as a look at what’s coming up next. To subscribe (free to members), contact Sasha Pudelski (

AASA Advocacy Network, a thorough, monthly update on federal education policy. To sign up, contact Noelle Ellerson (

AASA’s advocacy and policy team. The association’s advocacy voice is only as strong as the members we represent. AASA members look forward to hearing from those interested in advocacy. Bruce Hunter ( directs the staff’s advocacy work.

AASA’s legislative conference is an annual opportunity to meet directly with your congressional delegation.


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