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Successful Grant Writing

for School Leaders

10 Easy Steps 

by Kenneth T. Henson, Pearson, Boston, Mass., 2012, 250 pp., $35 softcover 


In an environment of economic downturn and fiscal austerity, every school leader is faced with the reality of exhausting every conceivable source of revenue to sustain operations and fund reforms.

Kenneth Henson, a professor of education at the Citadel, presents yet another of his many informative and useful books for school leaders. He ventures beyond the how-to mentality implied by the title with an enlightening opening devoted to debunking the myths associated with grantsmanship, and Henson moves the reader, whether a seasoned grant writer or a neophyte, to a refreshing perspective of the task.

The book offers a logical progression of informative and useful chapters designed to prepare a competitive grant application. Henson skillfully includes examples. Of particular significance is his section on using a succinct writing style.

While the demands of grant applications vary greatly depending on the source, the author has organized the book around 10 easy steps that can be comfortably applied to any grant specification.

The book also carries practical applications for those directly supervising grant writing in an organization. The logical presentation of the material offers a rubric for the supervisor to critique the grant application as it takes shape and provide substantive recommendations for strengthening it.

Reviewed by Robert S. McCord, emeritus associate professor, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and AASA professor in residence.



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