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From Silos to Systems 

Reframing Schools for Success  

by Sally B. Kilgore and Karen J. Reynolds, Corwin Press, Thousand Oaks, Calif., 2011, 203 pp. with index, $30.95 softcover


Sally Kilgore, president and CEO of Modern Red SchoolHouse, and Karen Reynolds, who has served as a school and business consultant for 20 years, jointly examine aspects of school systems in From Silos to Systems Reframing Schools for Success.

The book has two distinct sections. The first primarily focuses on the structure and organization of school systems.

The authors believe the first thing schools must do is “reframe” the system using an action team instead of multiple committees focusing on a small segment of the system. Kilgore and Reynolds provide examples illustrating the challenges school face when the flow of information must travel through many layers before involving those who can finalize decisions.

The book’s final six chapters cover these subjects: School Culture and Climate, Data Analysis, Family and Community Partnerships, Curriculum and Instruction, Technology, and Professional Development. Each provides supporting data, charts and multiple examples of how an action team could be involved in any of the six identified topics. For example, the authors illustrate the value of having an action team examine cross-curricular initiatives instead of having multiple committees focusing on specific curricular areas.

While the first section focuses primarily on research and theory, the second half provides the reader with hands-on information. For a building principal looking to reorganize the information flow within the building, this book would be a good place to start. The entire book is a pretty quick read and any of the last six chapters could be pulled out and studied individually.

Reviewed by Justin B. Henry, superintendent, Goddard Public Schools, Goddard, Kan.



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