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Managing a Downturn
Doing more with less money caused superintendents to generate new solutions to current economic conditions, stimulating district leaders to readjust their methods of addressing budgetary shortfalls.

Constance Taibi-Lewis’s 2011 doctoral dissertation at Fordham University examined superintendents’ coping experiences during the recent economic downturn. She found that scarcity of financial resources affected not only budget strategies, but also increased efforts to improve instruction for all students.

Superintendents and aspiring superintendents who expand their budget and communications skills have a greater likelihood of attaining job satisfaction, job efficacy and longevity, her study found.

Copies of “Managing More Than the Money: Superintendents’ Perceptions of Their Leadership During Economic Crisis” can be ordered from ProQuest at 800-521-0600 or


Ethical Literacy
A $135,000 grant from The David and Lucile Packard Foundation awarded to the Institute for Global Ethics will support wider participation by educators interested in taking steps toward building a culture of integrity in their schools.

The grant will deliver the ethical literacy process electronically through online training and follow-up support from the institute’s coaching staff.

For more details, visit or call 207-542-1546.

Lessons on Respect
The Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network has released a toolkit, “Ready, Set, Respect!” to help elementary educators ensure all students feel safe and respected and develop respectful attitudes and behaviors.

The resource contains suggested lesson plans that focus on name-calling, bullying and bias, inclusive family diversity and gender roles and diversity.

Access a copy from GLSEN at

Good Teaching
A new resource, “Using What We Know About Good Teaching to Improve Instruction Schoolwide,” touches on teacher efficacy, use of the research base and teachers learning from other teachers.

Produced by the Educational Research Service, the 18-page booklet can be ordered from Editorial Projects in Education by phone (800-346-1834) or e-mail ( The price is $90 per set of 15 booklets plus shipping and handling ($9.50).


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