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Full Engagement! 

Inspire, Motivate, and Bring Out the Best

in Your People 

by Brian Tracy, AMACOM, New York, N.Y., 2011, 240 pp., $22 hardcover


Full Engagement! Inspire, Motivate, and Bring Out the Best in Your People will fully engage you from beginning to end. Author Brian Tracy speaks four languages as a consultant for major corporations.

This book provides practical, proven strategies and helpful exercises intertwined with historical perspectives of organizational management philosophies that are applicable to any organization wishing to improve from top to bottom. The first part of the book explains how to bring a focus on happy employee-patron relations to an organization in a simple manner.

The last third of the book focuses on hiring the right person for the position. Instead of making hasty decisions, the author explains the process as similar to choosing a spouse. Finding the long-term employee who will add value to the organization throughout his or her tenure is the primary focus of the process. The SWAN formula creates four characteristics to look for in the hiring process: Prospects should be smart, work hard, ambitious and be nice.

This book will encourage each person in a management role to begin the journey of introspection. Tracy’s easy-to-read writing style simplifies and accelerates the process of learning and accomplishment.

Reviewed by Jim D. Hattabaugh, educational consultant, Fort Smith, Ark.


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