What we look for in manuscripts

We select articles on the basis of their relevancy to our readers, quality of information, originality, readability, timeliness and freshness of viewpoint. Keep in mind articles that appear in School Administrator:

• Provide informative coverage of school system practices, policies and programs that have widespread appeal.

• Typically emphasize actual experiences rather than theory or proposed plans.

• May be written in the first person and should include insightful reflections that might help school district leaders.

• Are written in a journalistic style rather than academic format. This includes short paragraphs of three to four sentences in length and clear, concise, jargon-free language.

• Often provide new, cutting-edge information and suggested readings, websites and additional resources on your subject.

• Do NOT describe the merits of proprietary services or products. We do not publish a new products section. (For more information on the advertorial process, contact Liz Griffin, managing editor, via e-mail or at 703-875-0753.)

In addition, successful manuscripts must be free of factual errors, misspelled words and poor grammar. Be sure to proofread before submission.

See Editing Yourself (PDF), created by the magazine staff, for detailed writing instructions.