Manuscript categories

Features. Often the lead article is an in-depth examination of a topic relating to that month’s editorial theme with several articles that follow clustered under the same thematic umbrella (see Editorial Calendar). Generally 1,500-2,300 words. See examples:;

Focus. Covers, succinctly, the practical measures involved in addressing a typical school district need, based on the actual experiences of school administrators and school systems. Generally 750-850 words. See examples:;  

My View. Provocative points of view — similar to op-ed pieces in a newspaper — on timely issues relevant to local school leaders. We also welcome humorous commentaries. Generally 650-850 words. See examples:;  

Legal Brief. Practical counsel on a legal matter with a direct connection to a superintendent. Generally 650-700 words. See example:

Board-Savvy Superintendent. Provides strategies for how superintendents can work effectively with governing boards as a corporate entity as well as with individual board members. Generally 650-700 words. See example:

Punchback: Answering Critics. Advises school administrators on how to respond to specific criticisms often levied against public schools and/or individuals. Generally 650-750 words. See example:  

Tech Leadership. Provides practical considerations for ensuring the most effective and efficient use of technology by the school leader and/or district. Generally 650-750 words. See example: