Accepted manuscripts

If accepted, the editor’s notification letter typically will spell out the initial changes that will be required in the article and the author will be given a time frame for making these revisions. When an article is scheduled for a particular issue, the editors will do a final edit. This version will be returned to the author for review and revisions using the track changes feature of Microsoft Word.

Your acceptance letter also will include a publication agreement. By signing, the author provides School Administrator with first North American serial rights and nonexclusive reprint rights, plus nonexclusive electronic rights. Authors must be sure to tell us whether the submitted article, or any part of the article, has been published elsewhere or is under consideration by other publications. Authors are responsible for crediting others whose work they are quoting. The form also indicates that you do not plan to submit the same article elsewhere before its publication in AASA's magazine and provides copyright transfer.

We look forward to hearing from you.