New Superintendent's E-Journal

September 2013

In this issue:

Successful District Leadership Interview With Michael Fullan
By Brian Sheehan, Ed.D. & Anna Mackenzie Sheehan
Brian Sheehan and Michael Fullan discuss the challenges of leading school district improvement in an era of change.

Considering the Community Classroom
By Katherine Schweitzer
This is a discussion article that focuses on the limitations of the single-grade classroom in the traditional public school system. It reviews the benefits of the mixed age classroom that can be seen in alternative education settings. It explores the various international examples of school systems that use mixed-age classrooms with high levels of academic success, as well as discussing the development of the current school system and how it fails to serve the needs of modern students.

Pray to our Gods: The Marginalization of Practice in Departments of Leadership and Policy
By Joseph Murphy
The purpose of this brief is to advance the argument that departments of school leadership and policy maintain perspectives that are dysfunctional to the practice arm of the profession. The separation of the academy from practice, and vice versa, is not a new theme in school administration (Bridges, 1977). The objective here is to provide a deeper understanding of this divide by examining norms and proclivities on the university side of a quite frayed relationship. In short, the narrative is not one of separation but marginalization.


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