Final Position Statement on the 65 Percent Rule

AASA opposes state or national school spending mandates or limitations such as the "65 Percent Rule."

AASA believes that school districts ought to spend as much as possible on instruction and support of instruction, but the differences among school districts in enrollment, geographic size, population density, climate and other factors dictate that there is no single template for school district spending patterns.

AASA further believes that state or national mandates regarding school district spending patterns are an affront to communities that select boards to govern their schools in ways that fit local needs as well as the larger national interests.

AASA also believes that the definition of instruction promoted by the backers of the "65 Percent Rule" is not prioritized correctly. For example, direct therapeutic services, such as those provided by speech therapists, school psychologists and school nurses are not included, but voluntary recreational activities supported by athletic coaches are.

Finally, AASA can find no evidence that the percentage spent on a very narrow definition of instruction has any effect on student achievement.