AASA New Superintendents E-Journal

Author Guidelines

AASA, The School Superintendents Association, is committed to providing aspiring and newly-appointed  superintendents with a journal specifically devoted to their needs. The focus of the journal is to promote systems thinking and to provide the knowledge needed to support new superintendents. The AASA New Superintendents E-Journal is published quarterly (January, April, July and October) and contains three-four articles in each edition. The journal is archived on the AASA website to allow access to past editions.

Articles are authored by AASA members in response to an invitation by the editor or may be directly submitted by authors. Authors are encouraged to contact the editor for information related to the theme of upcoming editions. Submission does not guarantee inclusion in the journal. No compensation or honorarium is provided to authors.

Form, Style and Length of Articles
Articles generally do not exceed 3,000 words and must be prepared using Microsoft Word. Authors are asked to not include footnotes although endnotes are accepted and encouraged. If tables are included, please submit in graphic format. Permission to use previously copyrighted materials is the responsibility of the author, not the AASA New Superintendents E-Journal. Articles are to be submitted to the editor by e-mail as an electronic attachment using Microsoft Word.

Editing of Articles
Editing of articles is generally conducted in three stages. The initial edit is conducted by the journal editor and focuses on content followed by copyediting. If time allows, the author will have an opportunity to review the edited article. It is essential that each article is submitted with the following:

  • Carefully edited draft of the article that does not generally exceed 3,000 words and is prepared in a manner consistent with the above standards.
  • Digital (head shot) picture of the author.
  • Demographic information including name, graduate degrees held, present position, employer, faculty rank if employed in a postsecondary institution, mailing address, telephone number, fax number and e-mail address.

It is the practice of the editor to include the e-mail address of the author in the edited article thus allowing readers to make contact with the author. The AASA New Superintendents E-Journal reserves the right to make editorial changes without seeking approval from contributors.

Materials published in the AASA New Superintendents E-Journal do not constitute endorsement of the content or conclusions presented.

The editor endeavors to finalize each edition of the journal two months prior to the publication date.

Dr. Robert S. McCord, Editor