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Still Performing Magic

When his 14-year career as a superintendent, most of it in Mt. Vernon, Ind., ended in retirement in 2010, Keith Spurgeon had to find another venue for standing in the spotlight.


A self-taught magician, Spurgeon has moved his stage to the family’s home basement, setting up what he calls his magical dungeon. It’s replete with a secret passageway and all forms of magic memorabilia, including a “head chopper” that supposedly once belonged to a famous magician.

Spurgeon performs his magic at kid birthday parties and corporate events and once entertained a crowd at a county fair, where he demonstrated his favorite stunt, the floating table trick. He dons his Merlin costume to greet Halloween trick-or-treaters.

“My family is a tough audience, especially my wife, because I have to tell her how it is all done,” Spurgeon says.

Source: Evansville Courier & Press


A Rocky Collaboration

A chance meeting between a Microsoft executive and the chairman of the Lee County, Ky., board of education while both were climbing rocks at Kentucky’s Red River Gorge led to a handsome payoff.


The isolated Lee County district subsequently became the lone school system in the East picked by the software giant to pilot a new program aimed at improving computer science study in the schools. The teaching is done by Microsoft volunteers.

Source: Kentucky School Boards Association


Buzzword Banishment

The Wall Street Journal recently asked company executives to offer suggestions for words and phrases that should be banned from conversation in the workplace. Do any of these sound familiar?
  • Push the envelope
  • Out-of-the-box thinking
  • Viral
  • Dynamic resilience


Scaling Up Expectations

Joshua Starr, an enthusiastic Twitter user, receives plenty of tweets delivering unsolicited but usually good-spirited advice whenever there’s a forecast that calls for snowflakes.


His staff’s favorite tweet this winter, according to Starr’s communication chief Brian Edwards, came from “a young kid who put a ruler flat on the sidewalk next to some snow and said he got 12 inches of snow at his house. How creative!”


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