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Additional Resources 


Author Tony Davis recommends the following works relating to his article:

“Creating a Comprehensive System for Evaluating and Supporting Effective Teaching” by Linda Darling-Hammond, Stanford Center for Opportunity Policy in Education, Stanford, Calif.

“Observations of Teachers’ Classroom Performance” by Anthony T. Milanowski, Cynthia D. Prince and Julia Koppich, Center for Educator Compensation Reform, Washington, D.C., www.​cecr.ed.gov/​​guides/​CECRTeacher​Observation​Model​.pdf

“Review of Teaching Performance Assessments for Use in Human Capital Management” by Anthony T. Milanowski, Herbert G. Heneman III and Steven M. Kimball, Consortium for Policy Research in Education Madison, Wis., www.smhc-cpre.org/resources

“The Widget Effect: Our National Failure to Acknowledge and Act on Differences in Teacher Effectiveness” by Daniel Weisberg, Susan Sexton, Jennifer Mulhern, and David Keeling, The New Teacher Project, Brooklyn, N.Y., http://widgeteffect.org/downloads/TheWidgetEffect.pdf


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