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Memberships Paid by District



Without notable exception and regardless of the enrollment of the school district, superintendents report their professional association memberships are paid for by their school district. It is therefore reasonable to assume that professional memberships are seen by boards of education as an investment in the superintendent’s professional development and provide a value-added return on that investment.

With respect to memberships in business and civic associations, somewhat more than one in two superintendents see their memberships in these groups paid by the district. While this employment benefit favors superintendents in larger districts, almost no superintendent, regardless of district enrollment, receives social or health-club membership support, according to AASA’s latest study of superintendent salaries and benefits.

Finally, survey findings indicate business and civic organizations in the districts with the smallest student enrollment may not be as readily available as in larger population centers.

Sources of Data: “2012 Superintendents Salary and Benefits Study” published by AASA. Analysis by Robert S. McCord, Noelle M. Ellerson and Christopher C. Stream. Full study available at www.aasa.org.


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