On December 3, 2014 the U.S. Department of Education released new proposed regulations regarding teacher preparation programs. These regulations would require states receiving money through the Higher Education Act to create a rating system of all teacher preparation systems in the state. These rating systems would be based on graduates’ placement and retention rates as well as student outcomes.

Today, AASA submitted comments to the proposed regulations. AASA believes the new regulations represent an overreach of the federal government into the K-12 system for the purpose of improving higher education institutions. The regulations ask too much of districts leaders, who are responsible for educating students K-12, not improving teacher preparation programs.

AASA believes these proposed regulations would not improve a school or district’s ability to recruit and retain effective teachers; rather, it would add to the already sizeable paperwork burden of school administrators without providing any useful information to the schools or administrators. The proposed regulations will not result in more highly effective teachers entering our nation’s classrooms ready to teach. Instead, the measures outlined in the regulations to gauge teacher preparation programs and the successes of individual new teachers in our classrooms are blunt, inappropriate instruments.

The comment period is open until February 2, 2015.