Blog by Marc S. Jackson, Superintendent, Port Angeles School District

As a part of AASA’s 150th anniversary celebration, superintendents are submitting blog posts discussion what this momentous occasion means to them as well as the importance of being a member of the nation’s premier organization for school district leaders.

Dr. Marc Jackson  Marc S. Jackson
Port Angeles School District
Port Angeles, Wash.


A century and one-half of AASA indicates to me the success of an organization that has done a very good job representing education in the United States.

Throughout our nation’s history, Americans have always had a deep appreciation for learning. They have made it a civil right. AASA has been a champion for that cause by keeping education in the forefront of our nation. This organization has been there to lead the charge.

The anniversary celebration of AASA is significant because some Americans have seemed to settle on a quick-fix society. Education is not a quick fix. On the contrary, it takes years for educators to teach students how to read, write and think. We have come through 10 years of teacher bashing in an attempt to run down public education. However, Americans are smarter than that.

One of the best things that I have done in my 40 years of education was joining AASA. It was not until late in my career that I became a member. Since that time, I have nothing but respect for this organization and its members. The networking is second to none, the issues are contemporary and the research provided is fantastic. Learning to gain a national perspective is not only educational but a great growth opportunity for anyone wishing to know their profession better.