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Nov 07 Cover

November 2007 Number 10, Vol. 64The Immigrants Among UsSuperintendents, shunning politics, hold firm in support of children



    Walking the Walk To Embrace Burlington’s Diversity by Paul Riede

    Even before assuming the superintendency in Burlington, Vt., Jeanne Collins wondered if one of the nation’s most liberal-leaning communities would embrace her notion of fully integrating its schools along socioeconomic lines.

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    Board-Savvy Superintendent

    Influencing the Board Presidency, Behind the Scenes by Don McAdams

    School boards typically elect officers annually. And for most superintendents, few elections are more important than the race for the board presidency, says the head of the Center for Reform of School more
    Guest Column

    Moving From Dance Floor to the Balcony by Linda J. Searby

    By going to the balcony to occasionally reflect on one’s actions as an organizational leader, you gain the big picture and a chance to clarify your own orienting values. The author is a faculty member at University of more


    The monthly tally of appointments and retirements in the ranks of the superintendency nationwide. The Sidelight shines on a Colorado superintendent who likes nothing better in his personal time than to take his Harley-Davidson motorcycle out on the highway.

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    Tech Leadership

    Responsibility for Asking the Right Questions by Scott McLeod

    A protocol created in 2001 that describes what technology-savvy school leaders ought to know and be able to do remains as valuable today. The author runs a tech support center for school more
    President's Corner

    Unleashing Genius: Move Up, Reach Down by Sarah D. Jerome

    AASA’s president — one of only two women to serve in that position — worries that leadership opportunities for women are not a top priority on anyone’s national or international agenda.

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    Executive Perspective

    So? ... But Not So What! by Paul D. Houston

    Here’s a simple philosophy, easy to understand and simple to remember. In fact, it’s just a single more
    Systems Thinking

    Avoiding Death by a Thousand Cuts by Robert S. McCord

    Newly appointed superintendents may find systems thinking holds both the promise of revitalization and the threat of a slow and painful demise by a collection of competitors, obstructionists and naysayers.

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