The School Administrator Training Cadre

Since 2011, AASA has trained more than 30 Superintendents, school administrators, and school members to be part of the School Administrator Training Cadre. We hold two and a half day trainings annually in July. In addition, a skill booseters session is held for cadre members every February in conjunction with the National Conference on Education. The one day session topics include the following.

  • CSH in School Improvement Plans
  • The Whole School Whole Child model for CSH
  • Community Involvement in CSH

Cadre Member Responsibilities

  • Return to their own districts and shoring up their policies and practices related to CSH
  • Work with colleagues throughout the cadre members' states to help them to begin or move toward CSH incorporation in their districts.
  • Present at the local, state, regional, and national conferences on the importance of CSH to academic achievement, sharing stories of sucsesses and challenges with peers.

2011-2016 School Administrator Training Cadre 

Merritt Bates-Thomas, Owensboro, KY
Nimisha B. Bhatt, Naperville, IL
Tamika R. Bradley, Jackson, MS
Dan Brungardt, Bonner Springs, KS
Stephanie Bunge, Frankfort, KY
Jeanne Collins, Brandon, VT
Sharon Contreras, Syracuse, NY
Steve Darnell, Pekin, Indiana
Ellen Dunn, St. Clair Shores, MI
Eltorry Ficklin, Jackson, MS
Vicki Greenwell, Frankfort, KY
Mary Jo Hainstock, Vinton, IA
James Hodgkin, Wales, ME
Dr. Sarah Jerome, Lake Geneva, WI
Lindsay R. Jones, Charlotte, NC
Deb Kaclik, Ed.D, Charlotte, NC
Dr. Sybil Knight-Burney, Harrisburg, PA
Tarasa Lown, Ferryville, WI
Richard A. Lyons, Hampden, ME
Mark B. Miller, Cape May Court House NJ
Thomas Moline, Gages Lake, IL
Victoria L. Moore, Louisa, KY
Dr. Terry L. Nelson, Upper Marlboro, MD
Narah Oatis, Jackson, MS
Shelley Ovink, Ishpeming, MI
Melissa Sadorf, Stanfield, AZ
John Skretta, Ed.D, Firth, NE
Melinda Smith, Pacoag, RI
Sherrill Smith, Frankfort, KY
Jamie Sparks, Frankfort, KY
Andre D. Spencer, Colorado Springs, CO
Charles E.Yeager, Marquette, MI

 April 2016

Staff Contact

 Kayla Jackson, Project Director, Coordinated School Health