The School Administrator

March 07 Cover

March 2007 Number 3, Vol. 64Primacy of the SuperintendencyA conclusive case links district leadership to student outcomes


  • The Primacy of Superintendent Leadership

    by J. Timothy Waters and Robert J. Marzano

    The authors’ new research finds an abiding connection between the work of the school district CEO and the level of student achievement.

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  • The Superintendent as Change Leader

    by Carrie Portis and Mary W. Garcia

    What the Stupski Foundation discovered about school system leaders who surmount resistance to new ways of thinking and acting at the classroom level.

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  • From Custodian to Conductor

    by Paul D. Houston

    For today’s superintendent, the challenge is to bring out the best in all the players, harmonizing them into a symphony of success. The work is all about relationships.

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  • A Test of Time: Unchanged Priorities for Student Outcomes

    by Richard Rothstein and Rebecca Jacobsen

    The authors’ study has discovered that today's superintendents want to be held accountable for school performance in ways that fit well with American tradition and values.

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  • The Four-Quadrant Leadership Team

    by Donald A. Phillips and Robyn S. Phillips

    A homegrown model that defines the key attributes and skills for the most effective performers in a school system’s administrative positions.

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    The Architect of a "Profoundly Different" System by Jay P. Goldman

    Suzanne Freeman is full of energy and enthusiasm as the superintendent in Trussville, Ala., where she has enjoyed an unusual experience — building a new school system from scratch.

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    Punchback: Answering Critics

    No More Magical Thinking: Leading From Top or Bottom by Larry Cuban

    Why continue the illusion that school sites have the answers? The veteran Stanford professor says to make schools better, superintendents also need to centralize district decision more

    Tapping Into Mexican Resources To Educate Latinos by Verdi N. Avila

    One answer for improving educational outcomes among Spanish speakers may be found in a program developed in Mexico. It is available to U.S. schools at no more
    Guest Columns

    Values-Based Leadership by Don Knauss

    The former CEO at Coca-Cola says an organization’s top leader today must focus on two areas: the crafting of a strategy for victory and the enforcement of organizational more

    Going to College Is Not Always the Best Choice by Lawrence B. Schlack

    Any retired superintendent who’s running around the country telling high school seniors not to go to college had darn well better explain himself. Here’s one Michigan educator’s more

    You Can't Please Everyone by Barbara A. VonVillas

    Once upon a time there was a school superintendent who was beloved by the entire staff. This superintendent lived in fantasy more

    The Restorative Power of Ice Packs by Greg Vandal

    The healing properties of these simple devices have long been known to elementary school nurses. The author, a veteran superintendent, believes they may be a miracle cure for more serious more
    Board-Savvy Superintendent

    Dealing With a Vindictive Board Member by Terre Davis

    When a single-issue candidate lands a spot on the school board, be ready to deal with issues that aren’t on anyone else’s more
    President's Corner

    The Primacy of the Superintendent by Eugene G. White

    It may be the primary position of authority and pre-eminence in the school district, but the superintendency is no stronger than the support it generates from more
    Executive Perspective

    Revenge of the Blob by Paul D. Houston

    Leadership in school districts matters, just as it does in business or on commissions that release widely publicized reports. It is time for the “blob” to exact its revenge on those who question the usefulness of local school more


    The comings and the goings of AASA members. The Sidelight shines on a superintendent who restores antique cars in Northfield, more
    Federal Dateline

    Washington in April by Nick Penning

    Why AASA’s Legislative Advocacy Conference offers you a perfect combination – a chance to learn about the leading education issues on Capitol Hill and an opportunity to meet your elected federal legislators. It’s a chance to make your mark on education more