Blog By Wanda Shelton, Superintendent, Lincoln County Schools, Tenn.

As a part of AASA’s 150th anniversary celebration, superintendents are submitting blog posts discussion what this momentous occasion means to them as well as the importance of being a member of the nation’s premier organization for school district leaders.

Wanda Shelton Headshot  Wanda Shelton  
Lincoln County Schools, Tenn.  

For 150 years, AASA has been coming together for public education and helping superintendents support each other.

The superintendency is a lonely job. However, through AASA, I know I’m not alone with I am expressing my particular challenges. I have met superintendents from across the country who have shared what is working in their respective districts. These are my peer who can help me advocate for positive change when it comes to public education.

AASA provides opportunities to hear the challenges and success stories from other superintendents and their school districts on a national scale. If you stay in your county and only talk to people in your own county, it’ll be difficult to make it to the 5 or 10 year mark as a superintendent. 

Wanda Shelton
Lincoln County Schools  
Fayetteville, Tenn.