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Listed below are a variety of resources to help better understand Children’s Health Insurance and our work regarding this initiative.

From AASA:

  • Available Now: A CDF/AASA school-based health enrollment toolkit, "Insure All Children." Visit to explore the toolkit. (August 2016)


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External Surveys and Reports

• 2011 ASPE Report: 1.2 Million Children Gain Insurance since Reauthorization of Children’s Health Program.
A CMS survey regarding “What are your parents awareness levels , knowledge and efforts to enroll their children in health insurance.”

External Articles

Video Library

  1.   Video: Engaging Schools in Outreach to Insure All Children (26 min)
    •  A video featuring four superintendents as they discuss insuring all children. This work was supported by a grant from Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.
  2. AASA 2015 Superintendent of the Year Philip Lanoue talks about taking up the charge on a vision for healthy, well-educated children. Lanoue cites his district's engagement in the AASA/CDF school-based health insurance initiative as the district's gateway to setting performance goals on healthy students in their strategic plan. Watch video here.
  3.  Healthy Children Stay in School :Superintendent. Lillian Maldonado French of Mountain View School District in Calif. highlights the impact of enrolling students in Children Health Insurance Programs.
  4.   Schools: Carrying the Banner for Children and Families who need Health Insurance: Hear from a variety of school administrators why school-based health coverage outreach and enrollment works.
  5.   TX Association of School Administrators Video: Learn about The Texas Association of School Administrator's partnership with the Children's Defense Fund Texas , and how the organization is helping school districts reach out to uninsured children and connect them with healthcare coverage.

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