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January 2005Saving Black BoysRosa Smith and Gerry House on fighting underachievement



    Ray Daniels: Connecting Personally Through His Personnel Work by Jay P. Goldman

    With 40 years of service in the same school system, it’s no wonder that Superintendent Ray Daniels feels a personal connection to the staff in Kansas City, Kan., where he’s used those abiding relationships to pull off some measureable outcomes.

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    Board-Savvy Superintendent

    The Cornerstone Relationship Between CEO and Board President by Dale Kimball

    Perhaps more than any other single factor, the relationship you have with your school board president may dictate the quality of the overall board-superintendent relationship, in the view of a Michigan-based more

    Personnel Evaluation: Assessing Principals Through Self-Led Conferences by Gary S. Mathews

    The author, a 13-year superintendent, describes how he supervises and evaluates his building administrators in a manner that empowers them as instructional leaders — with something he calls “principal-led evaluation conferences.”read more
    Guest Column

    Testing To Improve or To Punish? by William L. Bainbridge and Steven M. Sundre

    With high-stakes tests now showing their teeth in the form of consequences, significant questions are being raised at a higher volume about the value of such more
    Federal Dateline

    Did Education Play a Role? by Nicholas J. Penning, senior policy analyst, AASA

    With the 2004 presidential election now history, we can look back at the campaigns of the principal contenders to gauge whether education maintained its recent status as one of the highest-ranking issues on the national more


    News of AASA members’ appointments, retirements, honors and more
    Tech Leadership

    Read Any Good Technology Policies Lately? by Lane B. Mills

    You probably read an existing policy only at the point you need it most — when wrestling with a problem. In the technology area, the review, updating and development of policies in a school district should be a regular more
    President’s Corner

    The Leaders of the Future by Donald L. Kussmaul

    During the past year, Bill Strauss, co-author of Millennials Rising: The Next Great Generation, has provided AASA with programs, information and data about American generations past, present and future. Knowing and understanding the effects one generation has on the next is significant when determining the role future generations will have in the ongoing development of our more
    Executive Perspective

    A Letter to the President by Paul D. Houston

    Dear Mr. Bush or Mr. Kerry: I write this letter in October, long before the votes have been cast and tallied so I don’t know which of you will be inaugurated this month. But whoever it might be, I would ask you to step back and reflect on the perils and possibilities of your job and in particular how they will affect the future of our country by the children’s policies that you choose to more