The School Administrator

April 2004

April 2004Virtual DecisionsApplying consumer savvy before offering online courses


  • Choosing Online Education

    by Liz Pape

    Before you make any commitments to offer online courses to your students, you ought to consider developing good policies to govern online education. What you consider ought to include standards for instructional design and course delivery, training of faculty and student support, according to the director of the widely respected Virtual High School.

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  • Sizing Up, Virtually

    by Jim Hirsch

    Whether buying existing courses or developing your own, school district administrators should pay special attention to the details of their online class offerings. The overseer of technology in Plano, Texas, raises the questions you should ask of prospective course providers. They run the gamut from adequate administrative support, training of online teachers and considerations for budgets, space and equipment needs.

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  • Virtual Savings?

    by Brett Schaeffer

    The early users of online course delivery point to increased educational access for students, not cost savings, as the primary advantage. But savings in professional development programs may be not far off as virtual programs continue to grow, several authorities suggest.

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  • The Practice of Virtual Teaching

    by William Brown and Philip M. Corkill

    Teaching online courses to aspiring teachers and administrators presents new and unique experiences for anyone who started in education a quarter century ago. The authors – both instructors of graduate-level courses for Capella University – have identified best practice teaching techniques unique to the online classroom. Their suggestions relate to curriculum, culture and instruction.

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    Basan N. Nembirkow: Banking on His Immigrant Experience by Jay P. Goldman

    The superintendent in Chicopee, Mass., Basan Nembirkow, brings a unique worldview to his role. read more


    Board-Savvy Superintendent

    CEO-Specific Leadership Targets by Doug Eadie

    An effective process for evaluating the superintendent considers not only goals for overall school district performance but also superintendent-specific targets that reflect the CEO’s more
    Guest Columns

    Too Many Hats, Too Many Bosses, But Still the Best Job by Jack Farr

    Finding enough satisfaction to stay the course, this superintendent thrives on the non-stop action of problem-solving; interaction with numerous constituencies; and the newness of each more

    What Your Hiring Practices Say About You by Louis Wildman

    How a school district treats its job applicants sends a signal about how it cares about more

    My Day at School by David E. Sawyer

    The superintendent in Tulsa, Okla., steals away from his cloistered office for full-day adventures trailing more


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    Tech Leadership

    Improving Decisions With Data by Doug Johnson

    In the growing trend toward data-driven decision making, school leaders don’t want to just store data but to use it in increasingly sophisticated more
    President’s Corner

    Getting Students Ready for Democracy by John R. Lawrence, president, AASA

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    Executive Perspective

    Negotiating the Past and the Future by Paul D. Houston, executive director, AASA

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    Federal Dateline

    House Calls Make a Difference by Nick Penning, senior policy analyst, AASA

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