The School Administrator

Cover SA November 2001

November 2001Big Shoes, Big ShortageAre interstate training standards ore redefined roles the answer?


  • Mid-Career Learning

    by Jay Mathews

    Superintendents pursue their own professional development in various ways.

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  • The Changing Face of Leadership Preparation

    by Joseph Murphy

    An expert's belief that six national standards can produce administrators fit for today's schoolhouse challenges.

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  • Lost Luster

    by Diana G. Pounder and Randall Merrill

    Redesigning the role of the principalship could have a positive impact on the diminishing pipeline supply. Diana Pounder is a professor of educational leadership and associate dean of the College of Education, University of Utah. Randall Merrill is assistant superintendent of the Provo, Utah, School District

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  • The Leadership Mismatch: An Alternative View

    by Marilyn Tallerico and Suzanne Tingley

    Women candidates could go a long way to address the declining interest in administration, but first some barriers need to be removed. Marilyn Tallerico is an associate professor of educational leadership at Syracuse University, Syracuse, N.Y. Suzanne Tingley is superintendent of the Sackets Harbor, N.Y., Central Schools.

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  • Relational Leadership

    by Karen M. Dyer

    How well you lead an organization may come down to how you connect with others, says the director of education at the Center for Creative Leadership.

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  • Management vs. Leadership

    by Paul McGowan and John Miller

    Placing leadership development and renewal at the forefront of school change. Paul McGowan is the founder of Education Associates in Ogunquit, Maine. John Miller is a former elementary school principal and Boston-based consultant.

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  • The Priest and the Pit Bull

    by Fredrick M. Hess

    How and why you should couple a culture-building leader with a rule-enforcing deputy at the site level. Fredrick Hess is an assistant professor of education and government at the University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Va.

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    Peter P. Demyan by Jay P. Goldman

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    A Rural Strategy for Filling Principalships by Joanne Erickson

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    Leadership Scaffolds for an Administrative Career Ladder by Suzette D. Lovely

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    Guest Columns

    Minor Transgressions Matter by Martin J. Dunn

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    Enter Micro-Managers. Goodbye Macro-Management by Larry E. Frase, Fenwick W. English and William K. Poston

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    President’s Corner

    A Duty to Prepare Tomorrow's Leaders by Don W. Hooper

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    Executive Perspective

    Missing in Action: The District Office by Paul D. Houston

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