The School Administrator

SA Cover 2001

September 2001Stress and WellnessPersonal fitness for professional success even in dire times


  • The Ultimate Stress

    by Ruth E. Sternberg

    Five superintendent's stories of coping with the most severe circumstances on the job.

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  • When Pigs Fly and Cats Bark

    by Peggy Hinckley

    It's not improbable, says one veteran superintendent. You can take control of your life by managing stress.

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  • The Care and Feeding of the Superintendent

    by James F. Burgett

    A self-proclaimed wellness authority from the school leadership ranks advises colleagues how to stay alive long enough to draw retirement. Jim Burgett is superintendent in Highland, Ill.

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  • Physical Fitness for Busy Bodies

    by John Gratto

    A superintendent's strategy for getting fit in less time than you might think. John Gratto is superintendent of the Britonkill Central Schools, Troy, N.Y.

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  • More Than a Mascot

    by Paul Riede

    School system leaders are being drawn into emotional debates over proposals to replace long-held Indian names and logos as school mascots.

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  • Leadership in the Want Ads

    by Irving H. Buchen

    The job postings can tell you a lot about the new realities of the superintendency. Irving Buchen is a professor of management and communication in the distance education doctoral program of Walden University, Fort Myers, Fla.

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    David F. Clune by Jay P. Goldman

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    Student Privacy Rights and Wrongs on the Web by Joy Surratt Baskin and Jim Surratt

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    Guest Columns

    After Superintendent's Suicide, Questions of Human Fairness by Matthew Purdy

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    Counting Last Days or Making Last Days Count? by Duane Lockhart

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    Keeping One's Perspective by Janice Cooper

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    President’s Corner

    Maximizing Positive Stress in Our Lives by Don W. Hooper

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    Executive Perspective

    Refilling the Well by Paul D. Houston

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