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SA Cover May 2001

May 2001Edmonton's EnterpriseSuperintendent Emery Dosdall crafts a system of wide-ranging choices


  • Edmonton's Enterprise

    by Emery Dosdall

    An 81,000-student system in Alberta, Canada, stares down the threat of charters and vouchers by creating its own wide array of school programs.

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  • Decentralized Dollars and Decisions

    by Angus B. McBeath

    Edmonton has reshaped its central office in far-reaching ways to support principals and site-specific needs.

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  • A System of Building Franchises

    by JoAnne Young

    In Edmonton's decentralized system, principals call all the shots from budgets to bathroom tissue and love the opportunity. Young is an education writer with the Lincoln Star Journal.

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  • Creating Schools Without Capital

    by Mark Kolke

    To house its many new academic programs, Edmonton works with a real estate firm to lease retrofitted facilities across the city.

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  • The Case Against Charter Schools

    by Bruno V. Manno

    A senior program associate with the Annie E. Casey Foundation responds to the 10 most common complaints about the charter movement.

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  • One Size Doesn't Fit All

    by Mark A. Edwards and Vicki B. Wilson

    Henrico County's alternative programs pave new paths for Virginia students who can't fit in the traditional settings.

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  • From School Choice to Student Voice

    by Paul E. Heckman and Viki L. Montera

    By attending to students' existing knowledge and interests, educators can embed choices within classroom work to engage them to learn.

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    Samuel A. DePaul III by Jay P. Goldman

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    Handling Student-Led Prayer at School Events by Nathan Essex

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    Guest Columns

    Your Team's MVP? Consider the Secretary by Carrie Steinweg

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    Total Quality: A Gifted Idea May Be Failing by Joseph Baim and Joseph C. Dimperio

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    President’s Corner

    Finding Alternatives to the Assembly Line by Benjamin O. Canada

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    Executive Perspective

    Digging My Way to China by Paul D. Houston

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    Federal Dateline

    What's Your Pick? by Nicholas A. Penning

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