School Solutions Partner: CrisisGo

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AASA selected CrisisGo as a School Solutions partner because CrisisGo has the safety platform needed to improve school safety culture; alert staff, students, and parents of a critical incident; and keep everyone informed during an emergency. CrisisGo provides safety on every device, ensuring that all staff members are informed and connected to the safety network.

CrisisGo believes that safety is a shared responsibility, and they have developed tools and features for their safety app that allow all your staff, parents, and students to better recognize and report safety risks and communicate about and rapidly respond to any crisis.

Free Offer to AASA Members

Let CrisisGo help you get your students and staff back to school safely this fall by taking advantage of the COVID-19 Return-to-School Kit. The software kit comes pre-configured with 15 different intelligent surveys that you can start sending out on day one, and the pre-configured reports allow you to track vital information on easy-to-read dashboards.

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Learn more

To learn more about the CrisisGo emergency mobile communications platform and how it can help school administrators manage and communicate crisis situations, visit the CrisisGo website at: