The School Administrator

SA Cover February 2001

February 2001Slippery SlopesGetting a handle on superintendent contracts and evaluation


  • The Tenuous Nature of Superintendent Evaluation

    by Jay Mathews

    Reluctant to use student outcomes to measure the performance of school system leaders, board members often rely on less substantive factors.

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  • Credible Evaluation: Not Yet State-of-the-Art

    by Michael F. DiPaola and James H. Stronge

    The authors' nationwide study of superintendent assessment finds weak criteria and few comprehensive models in place.

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  • Tying the Contract Knot

    by Kimberly Reeves

    The superintendent's terms of employment require greater vigilance in these days of unpredictable relations with school boards. 

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  • Where's the Beef in Administrator Pay?

    by William G. Cunningham and J. Brent Sperry

    Business and industry is winning the contest to attract and keep top-notch leadership through generous financial compensation. William Cunningham is a professor of educational leadership at Old Dominion University, Norfolk, Va. Brent Sperry is a graduate student at Old Dominion University.

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  • The Classic Mistakes of New Superintendents

    by Judith A. Kerrins and Katherine S. Cushing

    Six strategies to help newcomers and veterans alike avoid the most common pitfalls of school system leadership. Judith Kerrins is an associate professor of educational leadership and administration at California State University, Chico, Calif. Kay Cushing is an associate professor of psychology at California State University, Chico.

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  • Policy Governance Revisited

    by William J. Price

    When their casting parts are scripted, will school boards and superintendents become snared in a role-conflict paradox?

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    J. Phillip Raley by Jay P. Goldman

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    Guest Columns

    The Doomsday Walls of Church-State Separation by David C. Bloomfield

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    School Leaders and the Language of Hope by William R. Capps

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    When a Vision Becomes Reality by Carolyn S. Carr

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    Welcome to the Circus: The Superintendent as Ringmaster by Judith Ferguson

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    Accountability Through a Picture Window by Bruno V. Manno, Chester E. Finn Jr. and Gregg Vanourek

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    Don't Fault 'The Dentist:' An Answer to Critics by Jon C. Marshall

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    Training for My Board Colleagues? You Bet by William R. Morehouse

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    President’s Corner

    Your Contract: A Bridge to Success by Benjamin O. Canada

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    Executive Perspective

    Making Kids Stronger by Making Them Flexible by Paul D. Houston

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