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SA Cover January 2001

January 2001The Search for SubstitutesDistricts turn to pay incentives, temp firms, 'friendly' practices


  • No Substitute for Quality

    by Alexander Russo

    School leaders try pay incentives, consortiums and temp firms to fill their needs for substitute teachers.

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  • Fast-Track Teacher Recruitment

    by Franklin Dean Grant

    Today's human resources office needs a thoughtful strategy and the technological tools to fill personnel needs.

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  • Reaping Recruits On-line

    by Gary K. Wright and George Simpson

    A consortium of districts, universities and an educational services agency in St. Louis, Mo., works together on an on-line teacher recruitment initiative.

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  • Fight or Fix?: The Competition for Teachers

    by Esther B. Coleman

    School districts try partnerships as a preferred approach to address their recruitment challenges, says the director of the American Association of School Personnel Administrators.

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  • Differentiated Staffing

    by Arthur E. Wise

    Would alternative titles, based on the teacher's route to the classroom, maintain high quality in the teaching ranks? The president of the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education weighs in.

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  • Teacher Coaching: A Tool for Retention

    by Noelle C. Griffin, Priscilla Wohlstetter and Leslie C. Bharadwaja

    Los Angeles-area school districts personalize their support of new teachers by addressing classroom management, instruction and psychosocial needs.

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    Chris L. Wright by Jay P. Goldman

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    Common Oversight During Crisis Intervention by Charles M. Jaksec III

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    Guest Columns

    The Fear of Entering the Woods by William E. White Sr.

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    Making a Tough Call on Better Education by Hubert B. Herring

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    Turning the Tables: When Schools Enact Legislation by Gregory Dannis

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    Three Ways to Results: Lie, Distort, Improve Continuously by Jan O'Neill

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    President’s Corner

    A Strategic View of Recruitment by Benjamin O. Canada

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    Executive Perspective

    An Open Letter to the President by Paul D. Houston

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    Federal Dateline

    An Uncertain Legacy for the 106th Congress by Bruce Hunter

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