AASA's Equity Toolkits and Reports

Issue Briefs

"Strategies: For School System Leaders on District-Level Change"



 The Panasonic Foundation, in cooperation with AASA, The School Superintendents Association, has developed a series of issue briefs to assist school leaders with district-level change. These occasional issue briefs contain case studies that capture key learning from systemic and whole-school reform efforts in school districts nationwide. Learn more.


July 2017  

AASA and the Association of School Business Officials International (ASBO), in partnership with American Fidelity, unveiled a new resource to help school system leaders understand the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) Employer Mandate provision and other regulations of which district officials must be aware. This toolkit titled,  School Districts and the Future of the Affordable Care Act, includes summaries of ACA rules, applicable calculation formulas and information on possible strategies for employers to consider when assessing the impact of the Employer Mandate on their organizations, contributions and eligibility. Access the toolkit.

 August 2016  


AASA and the Children's Defense Fund (CDF) developed the "Insure All Children" toolkit (www.insureallchildren.org), supported by the The Atlantic Philanthropies. The vision of this work is a country where every child has access to comprehensive, affordable healthcare that is easy to get and easy to keep.

AASA/ CDF's strategy of asking the question "does your child have health insurance?" on important annual school forms is central in ensuring all children in school districts are happy, healthy and ready to learn.

This interactive toolkit contains lessons learned from 15 urban, suburban and rural school districts.  Find interactive maps that provide real-time data on children uninsured in school districts and short videos with advice from superintendents. Interact on social media using #InsureAllChildren to share health enrollment stories. Download a PDF copy or visit www.insureallchildren.org.


Policy and Advocacy

September 2018