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School Administrator Magazine Issues

The following issues of AASA's award-winning monthly magazine, School Administrator, focus on subjects related to equity.

Have stories from your district related to equity? Read School Administrator's author guidelines to learn how to submit your manuscripts.


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School Administrator Magazine Articles 

Click the following links for archives of individual articles on equity from School Administrator not included in the issues linked above.

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Racial Equity

Rural Schools

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Superintendent Profiles

Women and Leadership

Other Publications

July 2019, Health and Hunger through the Lens of Race, Ethnicity and Culture

Captured in this publication are the words of African-American, Latinx and Asian-American parents, students, school system leaders and other administrators that reflect the impact of race, ethnicity and culture on health and hunger.  This publication was produced by AASA's Children's Programs Department and came from our work, through the support of the Walmart Foundation, to provide funding and technical assistance to 30 districts, feeding more than 400,000 students.  Click here to read.


July 2019, Leaders Matter: Superintendent Leadership for School Breakfast 

With funding from the Walmart Foundation since 2011, AASA's Children's Programs Department has provided assistance to 30 districts over four cohorts, feeding more than 400,000 students.  Featured in this publication are school leaders who represent each cohort, sharing their thoughts on the importance of school breakfast to student success. Click here to read. 


School Governance and Leadership Publications 

School Governance and Leadership (SG&L) is a topical periodic publication produced by AASA's Children's Programs Department. They share specific results or findings from work this department has done or are doing. Since 2013, the Children's Programs Department published two SG&Ls on Alternative School Breakfast and an SG&L on children's health insurance.

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