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AASA is a lead partner for the Middle School Kindness Challenge, spearheaded by Stand for Children. The Challenge is a free, online tool that helps schools and districts foster social and emotional development and improve school climate. The Challenge is open to any schools serving children in grades 4-8. The Challenge has four content pathways: Strengthening Peer Relationships, Developing Positive Mindsets, Fostering Empathy, and Spreading Cyber Kindness.

Fact Sheets

  • Stand For Children Middle School Kindness Challenge Fact Sheet (2018)


  • Learn more about the Middle School Kindness Challenge from an article from the 2018 National Conference on Education in the Conference Daily Online.  
  • Read an article in the April 2018 School Administrator, "Infusing Kindness Among Middle Schoolers,"  by Jonah Edelman, co-founder and CEO of Stand for Children.

Staff Contact 

Bryan Joffe, Project Director, Education and Youth Development

November 2018