Previous Issues of AASA Journal of Scholarship & Practice


Fall 2007 (PDF)

Research Articles: “Essential Elements and Emergent Issues for Alternative Principal Licensing: Recommendations for Policy Design and Implementation”; “A 2006 Study of the Supply and Demand of Minnesota Public School Administrators”; “Improving Instructions Using a Data Analysis Collaborative Model”; “The Interactive Effects of Gender and Leadership Style on Post Internship Concerns About Becoming a Principal”

Articles of Best Practice: “Soup du Jour and So Much More: A Model for School Leader Preparation”; “How to Survive the Politics of School Administration”

Commentary: “On Research, Writing and Catharsis: A Personal Story”

Summer 2007 (PDF)

Research Article: "Considering the Inclusion of Building Tours as Integral Elements of School Principal Selection Interviews”

Articles of Best Practice: “A Statewide Collaborative Effort to Create School Leadership That Supports Learning”; “Decreasing Discipline Referrals for African American Males in Middle School”; “Scale Development for School and University Administrators”; “Leading by Interviewing”

Book Review: Handbook of Test Development

Spring 2007 (PDF)

Research Articles: “Principals and Conflict Management: Do Preparation Programs Do Enough?”; “Effective Strategies for Developing and Fostering Positive Relationships Between Principals and School-Based Police Officers”; “Poverty, School Size and Charter Designation as Predictors of Student Achievement on a Statewide High-Stakes Testing Program”; “Action Research an Effective Instructional Leadership Skill for Future Public School Leaders”; “School Climate Factors in Selected Full-Service and Traditional Elementary Schools in a Southeastern City: Contrasts and Comparisons”

Book Review: The Principal’s Guide to School Budgeting

Special Announcement: The AASA Journal of Scholarship & Practice is seeking articles about systems thinking in action in school districts. This call for articles is in coordination with the AASA Center for System Leadership™, the professional development arm of the American Association of School Administrators. Standard author and submission guidelines apply.

Winter 2007 (PDF)

Research Articles: “Identifying the Relative Strength of Glasser’s Five Basic Needs in School Superintendents”; “Leading the Learning; What Missouri Principals Say About Their Preparation Programs”; “Assessing the Relevance of the Educational Specialist Program.”

Articles of Best Practice: “Employing Data to Measure Effective Instruction”; “Recruiting Teachers, Principals, and Superintendents: A Job Choice Theory Perspective.”

Book Review: Are We There Yet? Continuing to Close the Achievement Gap

Fall 2006 (PDF)

Research Articles: "Are Educational Leadership Candidates Prepared To Address Diversity Issues in Schools?”; “Parent Impressions of the Implementation To Date of Arkansas Act 603 of 2003: Parent Involvement in the Public Schools.”

Articles of Best Practice: “Quality Internships for School Leaders: Meeting the Challenge”; “Best Practices Among Educational Administrators: ISLLC Standards and Dispositions.”

Summer 2006 (PDF)

Research Articles: "Examining Ethics in Educational Leadership: Some Basic Thoughts for Professorial Analysis"; "Enhancing Communication Skills in Online Courses in Educational Leadership"; "Recruiting Women to the Superintendency."

Article of Best Practice: "Best Practices of Award-Winning Public School Principals"

Book Review: It Takes A School: Closing Achievement Gaps Through Culturally Responsive Schools

Spring 2006 (PDF)

Research Articles: "Transformational Leadership: Development and Performance Assessment"; "Building Capacity for Ethical Leadership in Graduate Educational Leadership Preparation Programs"; "Competencies of Traditionally Prepared and Lateral Entry Teachers: Implications for School Administrators"; "Making Class Size Work in the Middle Grades"; "Is NCATE the Answer to Current Criticism of Educational Leadership Preparation Programs?"

Article of Best Practice: "A Day at the SPA (Successful Practices of Andragogy): How to Use the ELCC Standards and Adult Learning Theory to Sustain a 'Self-As-Principal' Voice in Principal Preparation Students"

Commentary: "School Administration — A Complex Profession Requiring Rigorous Standards"

Book Review: How about it, Writer?

Winter 2006 (PDF)

Articles: "Changing Leadership Paradigms and Practices of Doctoral Students"; "Building the Reflective Capacity of Practicing Principals"; "To Be or Not To Be: Issues Influencing Educators’ Decisions to Enter the Principalship"; "Pay Performance Contract Provisions for School Superintendents"; "Establishing the Economic Worth of Teachers: A Superintendent’s Guide for Advising School Boards."

Articles of Best Practice: "Empowering Teams for Decision-Making"; "Improving Skiing: A Metaphor for Improving Leadership"

Fall 2005 (PDF)

Articles: "Mentoring and Managing: A New Paradigm for the Instructional Leader"; "Putting a Frame on Leadership"; "Randomized Field Trials: An Opportunity for Public Schools and Universities to Collaborate in the Accountability Requirements of No Child Left Behind"; "A Challenge for School Leaders: Gender Equity Issues Remain"; "It Takes a Village to Teach a Child: An Analysis of an African-Centered Parental Involvement Program."

Article of Best Practice: "Team Teaching School Law"

Commentary: "From Walking the Walk to Talking the Talk: A School Superintendent Turns Assistant Professor"

Summer 2005 (PDF)

Articles: "School Choice: The Fiscal Impact of Home Education in Florida"; "Teaching Social Change Agents in Educational Leadership. School and Agency Counseling and Human Services Administration"; "Self-Efficacy Development in School Leaders: An Alternate Paradigm."

Articles of Best Practice: "The Application-Based Doctoral Comprehensive Examination for Educational Administration Programs"

Commentaries: "Adressing the Special Education Crisis"; "Growing Your Own Versus Mentoring"

Spring 2005 (PDF)

Articles: "Self-Efficacy Development in School Leaders: An Alternate Paradigm"; "Gender, Politics and the ISLLC Standards: A Closer Look"; "What Knowledge Matters Most to On-the-Job School Administrators in Florida?"

Articles of Best Practice: "Are Weapons Searches in the Job Descriptions of Instructional Leaders?"; "How To Stop Dealing With the Same Types of Problems Day After Day, Part 2."

Book Reviews: Making the Most of College; Introduction to Educational Leadership and Organizational Behavior: Theory Into Practice.

Winter 2005 (PDF)

Articles: "Developing Policy for Part-Time School Administration Faculty"; "Restructuring an Educational Leadership Program Using Action Research"; "Voices From the Field: What Principals Say About Their Work."

Articles of Best Practice: "Rethinking Opening Day"; "How To Stop Dealing With the Same Types of Problems Day After Day, Part 1."

Book Review: Educational Leadership: Knowing the Way, Showing the Way and Going the Way

Fall 2004 (PDF)

Articles: "Effective Strategies for Addressing Challenging Behavior in Schools"; "School Facilities: The State Department’s Influence"; "Moving Beyond a Competency-Based Internship."

Media Review: Selected Websites To Support Mastery of ISLLC Standards

Book Reviews: Educated Guess: A School Board Member Reflects; Csikszentmihalyi to Loveless: Kaleidoscope’s 10th Anniversary Edition.

Summer 2004 (PDF)

Articles: "Educational Leadership Programs Lag Behind Other College of Education Programs in Adopting Distance Education Strategies"; "Workaholism: Praised or the Plague of School Administrators?"; "Developing a Fair Salary Policy for Principals."

Commentary: "Learning and the Brain: How Administrators Can Improve Teacher Effectiveness Through Instruction on How the Brain Learns"

Spring 2004 (PDF)

Articles: "Scholarly Productivity: One Element in the Tenure Process in Educational Administration and Higher Education Programs"; "Shaping the Role of the Principal in Special Education: What Do We Know and Where Do We Need to Go?"; "Leaders for Learning: A Collaborative Learning Process"; "Guidelines for Successful Collaborations Among Professors."

Commentary: "Words To Lead By"

Media Review: Conflict Resolution for School Personnel: An Interactive School Safety Training Tool