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October 2009

New Report Calls on School Districts to Power Up High Schools, Look for Authenticity and Talents in the Principal Selection Process, and Navigating the Future in Education

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New Report Calls on School Districts to Power Up High Schools
A new report concludes that school districts must improve working conditions and support for high school principals or the nation will continue to be plagued by troubling dropout rates and high school graduates who are ill-prepared for college-level work. The report offers eight strategies for districts to improve leadership in ways that can help improve student achievement, graduation rates and college readiness. [Read more ...]

Look for Authenticity and Talents in the Principal Selection Process
By James J. Bird
Today’s principalship is replete with complex roles and responsibilities and success requires an extraordinary individual. When faced with a principalship vacancy, how can a new superintendent increase the chances of filling the position with a great selection? [Read more ...]

Navigating the Future in Education: Considering a New Set of Problems
By Vincent J. Hawkins
From YouTube and TeacherTube to research studies, books and the media, there is no shortage of support for education’s transition from 19th and 20th century teaching and learning practices to those deemed necessary to prepare our students for the 21st century and beyond. The dilemma is how to best make that transition. [Read more ...]

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