Education funding continues to be part of larger battles in Congress. When President Bush presented his FY 2009 (2009–2010 school year) budget to Congress in February, he level funded both the Department of Education and IDEA, and eliminated the Education Technology Block Grants and Perkins Career and Technical Education program. Both the House and the Senate passed their versions of the FY 2009 budget. The House added $7.1 billion — and the Senate added $8.8 billion — over the President's proposed level for education and workforce training programs. Negotiators are working on a compromise budget.




CEF FY2009 Funding Charts Available: Read the latest chart on FY 2009 funding for selected programs. (PDF)

AASA Supports FY 2008 Emergency Supplemental Appropriations Bill: Read the letter of support for the bill, which includes the Medicaid Regulation moratoria. (PDF)

AASA Supports the FY 2009 Budget Conference Report: Read AASA's letter of support for the House Concurrent Resolution 312 (PDF). (May 2008)


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