Equity Thought Bubbles

Superintendents and other school system leaders were asked "What does equity mean to you?" as part of a social media lounge activity at 2018 National Conference on Education and as a general inquiry. Below are some of their responses. 

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"Providing key and targeted supports to level the playing field so more can achieve success"- Alton Frailey, 2016-17 AASA president, former Superintendent, Katy Independent School District (TX)

 Brian Troop, Ephrata Area School District (Pa.)

School System Leaders

"Equity means that all students have access to the best resources, practices and resources available" --Rick Hornberger, Assistant Superintendent, Ephrata Area School District (Pa.)

"Equity means being able to discuss race for the sake of helping others and meeting people where they are. Equity means caring for our students, staff, parents, and community as if our lives depended on it. Equity means doing the right thing for all students."--Patrice Harris, Assistant Principal, Mountain View School District (Calif.)

AASA Staff

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"Equity: 1) Level the playing field 2) Access to All  3) The Lens to Look Through"- Debbie Magee, Program Manager, Leadership Services Department

"Equity means everyone wins!"- Kayla Jackson, Project Director, Children's Programs Department

Bernadine Futrell Thought Bubbles
 Dr. Bernadine Futrell, Director, Leadership Services at AASA and her husband , Michael Futrell.

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