Hurricane Florence and Michael


 To help those schools impacted by Hurricane Florence's and Hurricane Michael's devastating storms , AASA is serving as a national network. It is a role AASA began with Hurricane Katrina (2005), Hurricane Sandy (2012) , a tornado that ripped through the Oklahoma City area in 2013 and Hurricanes Irma, Harvey and Maria in 2017. 

AASA Mini Grants

AASA is offering about 40 mini-grants of $2000 to support school districts affected by Hurricanes Florence and Michael thanks to the support of Sourcewell and AASA.

Grant funds will directly support children and families who suffered significant hardships through these devastating storms and  meet the urgent health, social service, academic and/or related family needs of individual students and their families. Funds can be used for the following kinds of things:  clothing, medical care, dental care, eyeglasses, prescriptions, hearing aids, food, shelter, supplies, fuel, emergency transportation, childcare, enrichment, and academic or life-enhancing opportunities that could not otherwise be provided.  

  • For inquiries on how to apply for this grant or with suggestions on which districts were impacted,  contact Rebecca Shaw, project coordinator, at or call 703-875-0739.
  • To specifically apply for the AASA/ Sourcewell Helping Kids 2019 Mini Grant  click on this link and complete the one page application. The application deadline is Tuesday November 6, 2018.
    •  If you have any questions, please contact Tara Gao at or call 703-875-0740.

 Hurricane Florence


Florence Aid to Students and Teachers of North Carolina (FAST NC) is an effort led by a bipartisan group of current and former North Carolina education leaders to help the state’s public schools as students and educators struggle to return to normal following Hurricane Florence and its impact. Learn more on how you can donate to their fund.


 USDA Press Release: "USDA Provides North Carolina Children Affected by Hurricane Florence with Access to Free Meals"(September 19, 2018) 


Below is a clearinghouse of tools and resources regarding hurricane relief.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offers resources to work effectively to support the local, state and federal response to public health needs in the aftermath of Hurricane Florence. Learn more.

 Food Research and Action Council (FRAC)'s resource, Opportunities for Schools to Assist in Disasters Through the Federal Child Nutrition Programs, looks at the different ways schools can provide critical nutrition support to students through the school, summer, and after school nutrition programs including:

  • Offering school breakfast and lunch at no charge;
  •  Ensuring students who may become homeless due to a disaster are identified, making them automatically eligible to receive free school meals for at least the remainder of the school year;
  •  Flexibility in location for after school meals and summer meal sites; and
  •  Flexibility in meeting the meal nutrition standards

USDA is providing the food assistance for disaster relief to those most affected by Hurricane Florence. Learn more:

 Hurricane Michael


The Florida Association of District School Superintendents (FADSS) is raising funds on a Go Fund Me page to directly go to the impacted school districts to assist their school communities in rebuilding after this devastating storm. Learn more.



 USDA is providing the food assistance for disaster relief to those most affected by Hurricane Michael. Learn more:

 October 2018