Future Ready Blogs

In celebration of ConnectED Day (Sept. 13, 2016) and the kick-off of the Dept. of Ed's #OpportunityTour, AASA has worked with a variety of visionary education leaders to develop a blog series, which exemplifies what it truly means for a district to to be Future Ready. As you will learn from each of the following entries, it's not just about the technologythe leader's role goes well beyond putting a Chromebook in the hand of each student. Instead, preparing students for the future means ensuring they're able to think critically and collaborate; it means utilizing digital tools that are relevant and promote project-based learning; it means creating personalized learning paths for students, which allow them to take charge of their own learning; it means enabling access to ensure that students have access to broadband at school and at home; it means investing in your teachers and so much more.

We hope these entries will inspire and engage you. If you would like to submit a blog post to this series, please contact Deanna Atkins at datkins@aasa.org. And, if you haven't already, we highly recommend you take the Future Ready Pledge. Or, if you already have, you can encourage your colleagues and friends to take it, here.

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