Weekly Back-to-School Boosters

The Connecting Kids to Coverage National Campaign’s weekly Back-to-School Boosters offer quick outreach and enrollment tips throughout the summer.

Back-to-School Booster Wrap-Up

Connecting Kids to Coverage Wraps Up Back-to-School Boosters
School is BACK! And today’s Back-to-School Booster is the last in our series of weekly Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) outreach and enrollment tips.

Give Us Your Back-to-School Best! Tell Us about Your Summer Activities

We are eager to hear how you have ramped up your Back-to-School activities and to learn about the outreach and enrollment strategies that have been most fruitful. Send us an email with a brief description of your outreach and enrollment activities and please include relevant links to your website, news coverage, etc. Your organization could be featured in a future Campaign eNewsletter, webinar, outreach video or on our website!

Visit InsureKidsNow.gov for a variety of Campaign tools and resources, including public service announcements, materials, and webinars.

Back-to-School Booster #11
Continue School-Based Outreach and Enrollment Efforts Throughout the Year

1. Keep the Spotlight on Health Insurance Opportunities. Build on connections with the school community you have forged during your Back-to-School efforts. Continue to share outreach materials about the availability of Medicaid and CHIP and how to apply.

Booster in Action:Florida Healthy Kids found ways to keep information flowing throughout the school year. They work with schools to include a Florida KidCare informational flyer in report cards and student progress reports. In addition, they engage principals and superintendents to record stand-alone robo-calls that go out to all their students about Florida KidCare.

2. Arrange for Application Assistance at or Near School. As families get the message about the availability of health insurance, it will be important to direct them to the help they need to apply. Community health centers, community action agencies and other organizations in your community may have longstanding experience providing application assistance. In addition, this fall, many communities will be building application assistance resources through Navigator and Community Application Counselor (CAC) programs. Work with school administrators to determine whether you can help bring assistors to school to help families or if you can assist families in getting application assistance nearby.

Booster in Action: The Canyons School District in Utah has its own Medicaid Outreach Office. As part of the district’s annual school registration process, families are asked whether their child has health insurance. The outreach office follows up with families who indicate they do not have health insurance and helps eligible children enroll in Medicaid and CHIP.

3. Engage Before- and After-School Programs. Many working parents rely on community organizations to provide care and enrichment activities for their children before and after school. Connect with these organizations and identify ways for you to share the Connecting Kids to Coverage National Campaign outreach materials as well as provide application assistance to families. Booster in Action: The YMCA and Boys and Girls Clubs are among our national partners and have been communicating with their members about Connecting Kids to Coverage. As trusted sponsors of community-based before- and after-school programs, the local clubs and affiliates are likely to be primed to team up with you on outreach and enrollment activities. Visit their websites to find local contacts and reach out to introduce your organization and discuss how you can work together to enroll eligible children.

Back-to-School Booster #10
Connecting Kids to Coverage Shares Back-to-School Resources through Scholastic’s Administr@tor Magazine

1. Share this eNewsletter with schools in your community. Reach out to other school-related organizations like the PTA, your state's organizations for school administrators, school nurses, school social workers, school-based health clinics and others.

2. Continue to Press our “Hands Full” TV and Radio PSAs into Service: This 30-second television public service announcement (PSA), available in English and Spanish, is letting parents know that with free or low-cost health insurance for their children, they’ll have one less thing to worry about. Post the PSA on your website, and encourage others to do the same.

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