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To help those most severely impacted by Hurricane Harvey in Texas and Hurricane Irma in Florida and the U.S Virgin Islands and Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, AASA launched a national relief effort, in collaboration with our state affiliates, to assist the schools in these heavily-damaged areas. It is a role AASA began with Hurricane Katrina (2005), Hurricane Sandy (2012) and a tornado that ripped through the Oklahoma City area in 2013.


 Press Release: AASA Provides $118,000 To Children And Families In The Wake Of Hurricanes (December 20, 2017)


 Below is a clearinghouse of tools and resources regarding hurricane relief.

American Psychiatric Association offers resources on "Coping After Disaster, Trauma." Resources include information on stress management, dealing with grief and reactions to trauma.

  American School Counselor Association's Helping Kids Deal with Hurricane/ Floods,” is a resource available on ACSA's website. It includes magazine articles and webinars on supporting children affected by hurricanes and floods.

American Federation of Teacher's  Share My Lesson Resource, tools for student supports and general resources for natural disasters. AFT also has a place on this webpage to donate to the AFT Disaster Relief Donation Center.

CDC developed a handout on "Helping Families Deal with the Stress of Relocation After a Disaster."

Colorín  Colorado offers “Helping Children After A Natural Disaster,” in English and Spanish. This is a bilingual site for educators and families of English Language Learners. Bilingual resources include information for families and children, tools on how to manage distress about events from afar and tips for school personnel.

CoSN has information on “IT Crisis Preparedness.” It provides ways that technology leaders can be actively involved in crisis preparedness to ensure student safety and business continuity. CoSN helps technology leaders identify best practices and develop strategies for shutting down and starting up critical services.

MDR is monitoring USPS updates as well as the status of individual districts and schools in Texas and Florida impacted by Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma. See “Hurricanes Irma and Harvey Impact on Schools.”

National School Public Relations Association has compiled a clearinghouse of resources on weather-related crisis communication for Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.  Access the resources.

SchoolHouse Connection's resource is "Supporting Children and Youth Displaced by Disasters: Five Key Policies for Schools."

The National Center for School Crisis and Bereavement has a resource document called "Support in the Aftermath of Hurricanes Harvey, Irma & Maria " providing general guidelines on how schools can support their students in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, as well as relevant NCSCB resources. 

 The National Academies of Science, Health and Medicine Division's released  a report in September 2017 on "Exploring the Translation of the Results of Hurricane Sandy Research Grants into Policy and Operations: Proceedings of a Workshop."



PBS Newshour lists ways on "How You Can Help Hurricane Victims in Puerto Rico."

 The Conversation discussed "The Mental Health Impact of Major Disasters Like Harvey and Irma." (September 11, 2017).

USA Today examined how  "Hurricanes Harvey and Irma kept 1 in 6 students in the USA out of school" (September 15, 2017). Dan Domenech was featured in the article to discuss the impact of school closures due to these hurricanes.

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Updated December 2017