Superintendent Leadership for Innovative Professional Development Assessment and Redesign


 Innovative Professional Development (iPD) challenges school districts to analyze current practices, identify areas for improvement, and implement policy, practice, and programmatic changes to enhance and redesign teacher professional development systems.


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Read More about how three school districts-- Fulton County Schools (GA), Miami-Dade Public Schools (FL) and Syracuse City (NY)-- evaluate, assess, and make plans for improvement on professional development redesign processes. 

AASA knows that Professional Development systems in K-12 schools are too often ineffective, inefficient, and insufficient to develop, retain and serve the teaching force schools need in their classrooms.

AASA partnered with four urban/large county school districts on a redesign effort called Superintendent Leadership for Professional Development Redesign. Superintendents had the opportunity to assist teachers in reaching their full potential, by supporting and training teachers in innovative professional development. 

AASA provides technical assistance and coaching to school districts to help them analyze, assess, and plan for improvements in the professional development system; with the goal of enhancing equity and teacher effectiveness.

Innovative Professional Development addresses the systems and structures school leaders must alter to implement high-quality professional development that's based on reliable data and enhances the impact of professional learning.  

With assistance from AASA, districts selected their own iPD framework and made meaningful, tangible changes to district PD.  The frameworks included:

  1. Options of strong professional models currently in use.
  2. An evaluative component to ensure continuous improvement.
  3. Resources for superintendents to communicate these changes to their many constituencies.

This work was supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

July 2020

Staff Contact

Bryan Joffe, Project Director, Education and Youth Development