Michael Nagler, superintendent, Mineola Public schools, New York

Michael Nagler photo Michael P. Nagler, Ed.D., has held many positions in his 32 years in education. Before assuming his current position as Superintendent of the Mineola Public schools, he began his career as a school teacher in NYC while completing his Master’s and earning his professional diploma. Dr. Nagler then went on to earn his doctorate from Columbia University and accepted an administrative position with Mineola in 1999. Believing strongly in the district’s mission to create lifelong learners who contribute positively to a global society, Dr. Nagler rooted himself in the Mineola School District and never left.

During his nineteen years with the district, he has been a big proponent of using technology to engage students in rigorous content. Mineola was one of the first Districts to implement a 1:1 ipad initiative. Mineola’s innovative use of the ipad has led to the rare feat of having all five Mineola schools to be recognized as Apple Distinguished Schools. Mineola is a member of the League of Innovative schools; one of only 104 districts nationwide. Being a member affords Mineola the ability to be at the forefront of nationwide initiatives such as Open Educational Resources (OER), the Maker Movement and computer science for all, #CSforall.

Mineola was one of the first schools in the State to implement a comprehensive computer science curriculum starting in kindergarten. Mineola is also at the forefront of digital student portfolios. Dr. Nagler recently utilized the Districts coding platform to create his own digital portfolio. http://michaelnagler.oyosite.com/mainpage.html
Mineola’s current initiatives include replacing Kindergarten report cards with a ‘badge book’, launching a new integrated curriculum in grade K-7 and the imminent launch of a new social studies video curriculum web page Mc2oer@oyoclass.com