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 Personalized Learning Cohort  

Our 2020 -2021 academic year cohort convenings will be held virtually on the second Wednesday of each month from 2 – 3 p.m. ET beginning August 12, 2020.  Additionally, we will host a Twitter Chat on the Last Monday of each month (except July and December) from 8-9 p.m. ET. 

All educators are welcome to join our monthly Twitter Chat - #LearnPLinAction  

Last Monday each month at 8:00 PM ET except July and December   

AASA brings together progressive educational leaders from across the country who work collaboratively to research, inspire, empower, and amplify the work to transform education through personalization. The COVID crisis and the call to examine systems that create inequity and biases make it clear that schools must embrace a student-centered approach to successfully educate each and every child. The focus of this work is equity and this cohort is laser focused on that goal. 

The districts working to personalize learning give each student voice and choice through learning pathways that foster a value for learning and for personal development. The cohort works to overcome organizational barriers and to create a sustainable network supporting ownership of learning including agency and equity for all members of the learning community.

The Personalized Learning Cohort creates a community of resourceful superintendents and educators who are leading in the nationwide movement to personalize learning. There are opportunities to engage in research studies, gain insights, attend and/or host critical site visits to districts to enrich the journey to personalize teaching and learning. During the meetings of the Personalized Learning Cohort, the focus is on learning and growing with an eye towards working as critical friends to activate action in each members' district. Taking an active role with colleagues to scale personalized learning is a target of this cohort. 

The leaders participating in the AASA Personalized Learning Cohort are creating a movement that is urgent and will transform education. Joining the cohort is an exciting opportunity to work with colleagues from across the country to help shape the movement and to help contribute to the national conversation about Personalized Learning.

 A Message from AASA Executive Director

We strongly believe that personalized learning must be the way for our children to be educated. That’s why we are pleased to invite you to become a member of the AASA Personalized Learning Cohort.   

Since our inaugural AASA Personalized Learning  Summit in Park City, Utah (October 2015), we have been active in many areas related to personalized learning. As part of our review and planning, the need to create a community of leading superintendents to head the nationwide movement became clear.

For the AASA Personalized Learning Cohort , we bring together visionary leaders who are starting or already doing the work of personalized learning. There are opportunities for you to engage in research studies and stories in the media, as well as host critical visits from other districts wanting to begin the journey of personalized learning. Taking an active role with your colleagues towards scaling Personalized Learning is an essential part of this cohort.



 Membership in the Cohort is limited to 50 superintendents. 

The 2020-21 participation fee of $1,600 will cover registration costs for meetings, meeting technology and materials, plus access to the PLC community to utilize resources, discussions, and collaboration. The 2020-21 cohort  runs July 1, 2020 - June 30, 2021.
 Additionally, as a member of the AASA Personalized Learning Cohort you are encouraged to bring critical team members from your district to the virtual meetings  to facilitate collaboration within your district. 

We are looking to expand our base of districts involved as we create a movement in education and move towards a tipping point.  Joining the cohort is an exciting opportunity to work with colleagues from across the country to help shape this movement, and to contribute to the national conversation about moving our schools ahead.


Dan Domenech
AASA Executive Director

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"Personalizing learning for each child is a Montana Constitutional mandate.  How to do it is very challenging as it requires rethinking the traditional methods of our school model.  The AASA personalized cohort has been a continual infusion of deep thinking, challenging of the status quo, and a collegial network of support.  Participation in this cohort has breathed energy, excitement, and insightful methods on how to better meet today's unique student needs and interests."

      ~Sharyl Allen, Superintendent, Conrad Public Schools #10, Conrad, Montana  


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