October 12, 2016

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Call to Action: Submit Comments to USED ESSA Regulations

How to File Comments with the US Education Department (USED)


  • Draft your response comments. You can create your own comments or work from AASA’s template letter.
  • Go to https://www.regulations.gov/document?D=ED-2016-OESE-0056-0001  
  • Click ‘Comment Now’ (the blue box in the upper right hand corner) and you will be taken to an online submittal form.
  • In the ‘Comment Box’, type something like “I submit the attached comments in response to USED’s proposed regulation on the supplement/supplant provision within Title I of the Every Student Succeeds Act.”
  • Upload your file (attach your comments).
  • Enter your name in the text boxes and select your title/organization in the ‘Category’ drop down box. Please note that there is a ‘school administrator’ option.
  • Click ‘Continue’. You will be taken to a new screen.
  • Review your submission, check the box indicating that your submission may be shared, and then click ‘submit comment’.
  • If you are pressed for time or need help submitting the comments, I can submit them on your behalf. Please email me your final comments (nellerson@aasa.org) no later than November 1, with the subject line Please file ESSA comments.

Share Your Letter with Your Congressional Delegation: Contact a member of the advocacy team with any questions about who to contact when you share your USED ESSA comments with the hill. 

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