October 19, 2016(1)


Domenech Nominated to USAC, AASA Files IRS Letter

Two quick and unrelated items:  


  • Earlier this month, AASA Executive Director Daniel Domenech was nominated to the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC) Board of Directors as the representative for schools that are eligible to receive discounts, continuing a positions he had held since 2012. USAC is the entity that oversees the E-Rate program. Dan's letter of support was signed by 14 national organizations in addition to AASA:
    • American Federation of Teachers 
    • Association of Educational Service Agencies 
    • Association of School Business Officials, International
    • American Library Association 
    • Consortium for School Networking
    • International Society for Technology in Education
    • National Association of Elementary School Principals
    • National Association of Independent Schools
    • National Association of Secondary School Principals
    • National Association of State Boards of Education
    • National Catholic Educational Association
    • National Education Association
    • National PTA
    • National Rural Education Advocacy Coalition
    • National Rural Education Association
    • National School Boards Association
  • AASA joined with the Association of Educational Services Agencies (AESA) to send a joint letter to the IRS in response to the proposed regulations under Code section 457, in particular the provisions for bona fide sick and vacation leave plans.



October 19, 2016

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Is YOUR State Considering a Constitutional Convention? Urge them to OPPOSE.

Since our last blog post about a Constitutional Convention and a growing conservative movement to invoke Article V of the US Constitution to call a convention, the threat has only gotten worse. ALEC and other arch-conservative groups continue to aggressively push this in states, and just last month, the New York Times featured a front page story about this very real risk. With this increased attention, now is the time for more groups to be part of this conversation. Your voices are important in this conversation because of what’s at stake for your group’s issues.

With three additional states passing resolutions invoking Article V focused on a Balanced Budget Amendment this year, proponents claim that they are in striking distance of a convention. They already potentially have as many as 28 states of the 34 needed. We fully expect that additional states could pass resolutions in 2017 given the increasingly polarized state legislative environments if we don’t do anything to stop it. 

In order to protect our Constitution, we need legislative champions to help pass rescissions in Maryland, Nevada, New Mexico, and Nebraska and to defend against additional attempts to pass Article V resolutions in Arizona, Idaho, Montana, Wisconsin, South Carolina, and Virginia. 

Proponents are charging ahead so we don’t have time to waste. Constitutional experts and legal scholars agree that a Constitutional convention would put at risk the many issues and policies we care most deeply about.  This week as part of their latest efforts, the Convention of States group held a convention simulation in Williamsburg, Virginia (September 21-23). While the event was invite only, it was livestreamed where over 2,000  signed up to watch. A long list of state legislators were poised to attend the simulation in person. 

Your voice and that of your partners throughout the country are absolutely critical to stopping this threat. Here’s how you can help elevate this conversation:  


  • Alert your state partners about this threat, especially state partners in the target states listed above. Here is a sample letter that you can forward your to state partners and groups and a fact sheet. Please connect your state partners with us so we can identify key legislators to reach out to and put your state partners in touch with other allies in their states. 
  • Consider drafting a blog or identifying a spokesperson to write an OpEd in a national or target state publication. We can help you think through messaging and content. 

We also have toolkits and talking points available. Please let us know if you need any additional resources or information – you can reach out to me at rsegal@cbpp.org.