October 27, 2017

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National Education Groups Issue Statement On Proposed Elimination Of SALT-D

AASA was pleased to join four other national education groups representing superintendents, school boards, school business professionals, rural schools and communities, and educational service agencies issued the following statement in response to Congressional action related to moving forward with President Trump’s proposed tax reform, which includes the  proposed elimination of the State and Local Tax Deduction (SALT):

“We believe any comprehensive tax reform must preserve the state and local tax (SALT) deduction as a matter of national priority. The SALT revenue is invested in local communities to fund vital needs including infrastructure, public safety, homeownership and public schools, which educate almost 90 percent of students in our country. Representing public education leaders entrusted with the important responsibility for educating students, we are deeply committed to ensuring students get the best possible education and support. Eliminating the SALT deduction endangers public education and our students’ future. 

“State and local tax deductions ensure a stable local tax base that public schools rely on to educate students and provide needed services, such as health care and related needs. The current proposal to eliminate the SALT deduction as part of broader tax reform would cripple this ability and damage state and local economies.  

“Policymakers can support tax reform and preserve this deduction. For the sake of our nation’s students and their future, we urge Congress to preserve and protect the SALT deduction.”

In alphabetical order, representatives from the national organizations included: 


  • AASA, The School Superintendents Association
    Daniel A. Domenech, Executive Director
  • Association of Educational Service Agencies
    Joan Wade, Executive Director
  • Association of School Business Officials, International
    John Musso, Executive Director
  • National Rural Education Association
    Allen Pratt, Executive Director  


National School Boards Association

Thomas Gentzel, Executive Director and CEO