November 14, 2019

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FY 2020 Approps Update: 2nd CR

This week, lawmakers announced that they are considering passing another continuing resolution (CR) to fund the federal government from November 22nd through December 20th thus marking the second time Congress has delayed the FY2020 spending deadline. If President Trump approves the CR, appropriators will have another month to negotiate topline spending numbers and funding for Trump's border wall, which they've made little progress on so far. The problem here is that although lawmakers chose the December 20th deadline to pressure appropriators into action, the new funding deadline will coincide with the House vote on articles of impeachment. Consequently, this has created a scenario where the impeachment proceedings could complicate spending talks, though the timing of a potential House impeachment vote is still unclear.
While the White House has indicated that the President is in support of another CR, Trump has let his disdain for impeachment affect other non-related negotiations in the past. Therefore, although a CR is likely, it's anyone's best guess on whether Trump will approve the second stop gap funding measure, or if impeachment will derail the appropriations process past December 20th. Regardless, AASA will continue to keep you informed on how this plays out and advocate for higher education funding levels than in FY19.