February 26, 2020


Comments on the Study of District and School Uses of Federal Education Funds

The Department of Education is conducting a comprehensive study on how districts use Title and IDEA funding and AASA has submitted comments on their proposed Study of District and School Uses of Federal Education Funds.

How are states spending their funding? With regards to resources, specific groups of students, underperformance, and salaries.

How are the dollars being broken down and allocated under Title IV and how are the three funding options – increased accessed to a well-rounded curriculum, safe and healthy students, and increased effectivity of technology within schools – being addressed in this study.

Of particular and pressing interest, how will spending related to the REAP program be allocated? As this program is already facing major cutbacks and changes, it is important to know how this data takes this into account.

Click  here to read AASA’s full letter. 

February, 26 2020

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AASA Releases 2019-20 Superintendent Salary & Benefits Study

As the nation celebrates Public Schools Week, AASA, The School Superintendents Association, is pleased to release its eighth annual superintendent salary study.


This year's report - the 2019-20 AASA Superintendent Salary & Benefits Study - is based on more than 1,300 responses and gauges the compensation, benefits, and critical demands of urban, suburban and rural school system leaders across the nation.


To make this year's study a resource not only superintendents but for those aspiring to reach the superintendency, the report will be released in two versions: a full version for AASA members and an abridged version for wider circulation. We hope that this increases access to this valuable data on the working conditions of the nation's superintendency.


Click here to access a copy of the 2019-20 AASA Superintendent Salary & Benefits Study. AASA members can access the full member-only version through My.AASA.org. If you have any questions about the survey, please contact AASA's policy analyst Chris Rogers (crogers@aasa.org).